argon coagulation unit


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    ARON 400S argon coagulation unit


    A module that can be connected with a compatible electrosurgical unit specific for coagulation electrosurgical procedures with Argon gas, indicated for both open surgery and laparoscopy.


    The ARON 400S argon coagulation unit can be connected with SternMed ECUT 400S PLUS electrosurgical unit, is designed to provide controllable argon flow over the active electrode.  

    Selectable input voltage 90-240 Vac  
    Mains frequency 50 – 60 Hz  
    Electrical input power 70 VA  
    Dimensions 470x150x400 WxHxD mm  
    Weight 8 Kgs  
    Control panel Overpressure system  
    System purge control  
    Gas flow control  
    Gas tank indicates and control  
    Receptacles for gas line, RF input, peritoneal pressure tubing and handset  
    Power outputs
    Flow regulation 0.2 – 10 LPM  
    Maximum inlet pressure 3.0 bar (43,5psi)  


    • Peritoneal pressure inspection system
    • Gas flow control system
    • Argon tank indication and control system
    • Argon handset gas supply receptacle
    • Radio frequency (RF) input receptacle
    • Argon handset receptacle
    • Activation through the handle or the foot-switch
    • Specific function for laparoscopy
    • Automatic function for compatible units
    • Manual function for connection with units of other brands


    Standard accessories

    • Power supply cable EU 5m
    • ARON 400S Pressure reducer connection
    • ARON 400S RF cable connection
    • ARON 400S BNC cable connection
    • Handpiece for argon electrodes reusable cable 3.5m
    • Argon coagulation electrode 150 mm d.4 mm

      Optional accessories

    • Power supply cable EU 2m
    • Power supply cable US 2m
    • Power supply cable UK 2m
    • Argon coagulation electrode 75 mm d.4 mm
    • Argon coagulation electrode 370 mm d.4 mm
    • Reusable connecting cable for flexible Argon probe 2.5 m
    • Flexible Argon probe 1.5m d. 1.5mm
    • Flexible Argon probe 3m d. 1.5mm
    • Flexible Argon probe 1m d. 2.3mm
    • Flexible Argon probe 2.2m d. 2.3mm
    • Flexible Argon probe 3m d. 2.3mm
    • Flexible Argon probe 2.2m d. 3.2mm
    • Single water-proof foot switch (3 pins)
    • Trolley 5 shelves wide
    • Cylinder-holder
    • Drawer for trolley type
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