Xenox RAD 400

radiography system


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    Xenox RAD 400 Radiography-System

    SternMed Xenox RAD400 is a stationary radiography system designed to meet the highest quality standard and ensure the best radiographic performance. It is available in both conventional and fully digital configurations.


    • Table top travel, longitudinal +/-40 cm
    • Table top travel, lateral +/-12 cm
    • Bucky travel 49 cm
    • Table top height 73 cm
    • Table top to film distance 9cm
    • Max. patient weight 250 kg
    • Potter Bucky
    • Counterbalanced manual vertical movement of X-ray tube with stop by electromagnetic brake
    • Transversal movement of tube arm with stop by electromagnetic brake 15 cm
    • Vertical sliding from ground to X-ray centre min. 52cm max. 195 cm
    • Manual rotation about horizontal axis of tube +/- 110°
    • Rotation about vertical axis of tube stand +/- 180°
    • Source – film distance max. 120 cm
    • Collimator predisposition check compatibility with x-ray tube
    • Tube predisposition check compatibility with collimator


    • Four-way table top for easy patient positioning
    • Variable height of the top
    • Dedicated tomography configuration
    • Ionization chamber (optional)
    • Low absorption table-top
    • Available in the digital configuration with either single or double detector
    • Tomographic capabilities
    • Electromagnetic brakes on all the system components
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