Xenox M100

mobile DR x-ray system


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    Xenox M100 Radiography

    Xenox M100 is a fully digital mobile x-ray with flat panel technology and with an amorphous silicon flat panel.


    Xenox M100, with its High Frequency Stable Operating Technology, brings stability to generator producing quadrate wave and the tube provides better penetration. A circuit is designed to incessantly inspect the tube and protect from overloading. Surplus X-Ray tube heat capacity to protect tube and main unit. A buzzer can alarm and display on the main unit immediately when operator finishes the accurate exposure or sets up the illogical exposal parameters. The Xenox M100 provides a faster and optimized clinical work flow. APR setting makes it possible for X-Ray patients to take variety of clinical examinations. A few of its outstaing points are listed here:

    • Light weight
    • 30KW rated power suitable for wide clinical applications
    • Articulated arm suitable for different X-Ray positions
    • User-friendly workstation with 15” LCD touch screen
    • Advanced APR function
    • Advanced Flat Panel technology-Amorphous Silicon
    • Fast bedside imaging
    • Automatic image processing
    • Multiple peripheries including USB, DICOM and burning CD
    • Cutting-edge image quality
    • Intelligent anti-collision design



    • Advanced technologies
    • Optimized clinical workflow
    • Outstanding operability
    • Efficient APR function
    • Fast bedside imaging
    • Automatic image processing
    • Fully Dicom compatible
    • Superior DR image quality


    • Rated Power 30 kW
    • KV range 40 to 125 KV
    • mA range 59 to 425 mA
    • X-ray Tube Focus 1.3 / 0.6 mm
    • Anode heat storage capacity 375 KJ
    • Anode rotation speed 3000 rpm
    • FPD imaging area 14”x17”
    • FPD resolution 3.6 lp/mm
    • FPD pixel matrix 3072 x 2560
    • FPD imaging time 7 s
    • Focus from the floor range 474 to 1995 mm
    • Collimator mode of adjustment manual
    Product images

    Clinical images