Xenox M100

Digital mobile X-ray system


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    Xenox M100
    Digital mobile X-ray system

    The Xenox M100 is a fully digital, motor-driven mobile x-ray with an amorphous silicone flat panel. In the Xenox M100, the High Frequency Stable Operating Technology provides the stability to generate quadrate waves to give better penetration for the tube. The tube and main unit are protected against overheating by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s heat capacity.



    • HSO technology (High-frequency stable operating technology) With the advanced high-frequency stable operating technology, the generator produces stable quadrate wave, and the tube offers high penetration and high quality X-ray.
    • IOP technology (Intelligent overload protection technology) The anti-overload circuit of tube constantly inspects the surplus X-ray tube heat capacity to protect the tube and main unit.
    • PEA technology (Precise exposure alarm technology) When operator finishes the accurate exposure or sets up the illogical exposal parameters, the buzzer will alarm and display on the main unit immediately.

    OPTIMIZED CLINICAL WORKFLOW Xenox M100 is a digital mobile radiography system with digital FPD technology, and fast digital image display on the control monitor. It enables a daily workflow without interruption- no cassettes, no waiting time for cooling or recharging of the detector. The unique touch screen allows easy control of the desired examination. Compared with analog unit, the digital filmless images are displayed on the touch screen instantaneously after exposure. AUTOMATIC IMAGE PROCESSING In addition, Xenox M100 allows basic image processing to function directly, such as adjusting brightness contrast, and edge enhancement etc. After exposure, the images can be processed automatically with the self-installed software. Compared with analog unit, there is no need of exposure again when parameters or operations happened to be missing. OUTSTANDING OPERABILITY Xenox M100 provides you with faster and optimized clinical workflow. With thecompact desgin, outstanding imaging power, easy maneuverability and positioning with dual motor driven, Xenox M100 offers you more digital advantages and 240 exposures with one time battery charge. FULLY DICOM COMPATIBLE The DICOM function facilitates more convenient patient registration. Sending and printing functions enable easy transmission and printing of all X-ray images to the hospital network. SUPERIOR DR IMAGE QUALITY With the advanced HSO, IOP, PEA technologies and high quality imaging system, our Xenox M100 offers you high spatial resolution, high density resolution, and high sharp images.  


    WIFI connection • Amorphous Silicon Flat panel technology • Dual display interface (VGA/DVI) • 2 USB ports • Cable network interface • Four keys unlock buttons design • Dual motor driven • respectively control left and right driving wheel • 19” touch screen display • 500GB hard drive capacity • Windows operation system • Dicom 3.0 Interface for PACS or HIS


    • 32KW rated power suitable for wide clinical applications
    • Telescopic Arm for different X-Ray positions
    • User-friendly workstation with 19” touch screen Display
    • Advanced APR function
    • Advanced WIFI Flat Panel Technology-Amorphous Silicon
    • 240 exposures with one time battery charge
    • Fast bedside imaging
    • Automatic image processing
    • Multiple peripheries including USB, DICOM
    • Cutting-edge image quality
    • Intelligent anti-collision design
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