Vento 62

Adult and pediatric ventilator


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    Vento 62
    Adult and pediatric ventilator

    Vento 62 is an advanced critical care ventilator with various ventilation modes to fulfill all requirements of intensive patient care units for adults and pediatric. The system is equipped with a 15“ TFT touch screen monitor.


    • Patient type: Adult, Pediatric (>5kg)
    • 15” TFT touch screen
    • Ventilation modes VCV, PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, Sigh,
    • Spont/CPAP, PRVC, DualPAP, NPPV, Standby, Manual
    • Tidal Volume 20-2000ml
    • Ventilation frequency 1-100bpm
    • Inspiration time 0.1-10S (increment:0.1S)
    • FiO2 21% – 100%
    • Flow trigger 0.5-20L/Min
    • Pressure trigger – 20-0cmH2O
    • Pressure control 5-70 cm H2O
    • Pressure support 0-70 cm H2O
    • Electronic PEEP 0-50 cm H2O (increment: 1cm H2O)
    • Nebulizer 30 minutes
    • Monitoring: Volume: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspont. Pressure: Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, Pmin, PEEP
    • Freq, fspont, I:E, FiO2, Compliance, Resistance
    • Waveform:P-T, F-T, V-T, Optional: SpO2-T, EtCO2-T
    • Loop: P-V, F-V, F-PV
    • Volume-EtCO2
    • Trend: Peak, FiO2, PEEP, MV, VTE, VTI
    • 500 events System Log (setting and alarm)
    • Audio and visual alarms with three levels
    • Volumes: VTE high/low, MV high/low; Pressure: Paw high/low
    • O2 supply pressure high/low. Air supply pressure high/low
    • Apnea, Continuous high airway pressure
    • Freq high/low FiO, high/low
    • LVDS, RS232, PS2 communication interface


    • Close-loop control system
    • Proportional valve control technology.
    • Multiple pressure and volume automatic protective system
    • Comprehensive alarm system
    • 3-level graded and color coded alarms for different risks
    • 15 inch screen TFT screen
    • Touch screen & navigation wheel
    • Setting parameters display is subject to ventilation modes
    • System log could record 100 settings/alarms.
    • Keep inspiration & expiration hold for 30s.
    • Powerful Function with Various ventilation modes


    • Co2 module: Etco2
    • Spo2 module: SpO2, PR
    • Air compressor
    • Nebulizer
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