Macs 50

Modular patient monitor


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    Macs 50
    Modular patient monitor

    Macs 50 is an all-in-one modular patient monitor with a display & built-in battery. The large 17“ touchscreen color display makes viewing patient data easy. The Macs 50 offers a flexible solution for the varying needs of patients in ICU.


    • All-in-one module with display and built-in battery
    • 17” anti-glare color TFT-LCD display
    • Powerful measurement, ergonomic and flexible design
    • Can connect independent large display when multi-display is required
    • Fan-less cooling system, keep the monitor working quietly
    • Multi-screen, multi-interface display
    • Each screen can display user defined parameters, to assure real-time monitoring entire data

    Advance Modular Monitoring ICG

    • Non-invasive method to measure patient’s Cardio Output and Hemodynamic status and safe easy operate


    • Anesthesia Gas module, measure concentration of Et and Fi CO2,O2,N2O and ISO,ENF,DES, SEV, HAL


    • High capacity against interference of ESU, motion & low perfusion


    • Max, 8 IBP measurement with waveform, Systolic, Diastolic, Mean Pressure on ART, CVP, ICP, PA, LAP, etc to fulfill different positions invasive blood pressure measuring demands


    • Side stream / Mainstream / Micro stream / EtCO2 is optional
    • Various option can be suitable for intubated patient, ventilation relied patient, non-intubated patient

    E-Module,Emergency Module Display

    • 5″ Color TFT-LCD,
    • Waveform: Up to 12 tracks


    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
    • More than 60 minutes Operating time

    Modular monitor

    • Standard and Interface: HR, SpO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, and waveform of ECG, SpO2, RESP
    • (ECG waveform available for concatenation)
    • Big font Interface: HR, SpO2, NIBP, 1 channel ECG waveform
    • User defined interface: 3 basic parameter + 1 Blood Pressure parameter, 1-3 channel waveform
    • Simultaneous display of 7/12 lead ECG in one screen
    • Seamless transport solution fully meets the clinic demand
    • Touch Screen (Option), supporting for Mouse Key board operation
    • Available for multi-language interface
    • Independent Physiological & Technical Alarm
    • Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery


    • Patient’s data transferring automatically when connect to main Unit
    • Extremely compact design, convenient to carry, allowing patient to roam freely
    • 5″ Color TFT-LCD display
    • 480 groups NIBP review
    • Power off storage of 8 hours trend
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can work more than 1 hour

    Outstanding Features

    • Drug dose calculation
    • Hemodynamic calculation
    • Arrhythmia analysis and ST analysis.
    • Particularly backlight button for night operation
    • Short trend, 168 hour graphic and tabular trends
    • OXYCRG, display 16 minutes trend of HR, SPO2, RESP
    • SD card socket, effective storage for historical patent data.
    • Independent physiological alarm light and technical alarm light.
    • Emergency Module , providing fast and convenient monitoring during the patient transfer with display, battery, alarm and storage capability.
    • Display other bedside monitor’s all parameter and one waveform, support user defined parameter display
    • Big font,User can select 5 parameters  for Clear observation in a long distance, especially suitable for ICU, CCU room checking and monitoring during night


    • Up to 8 differents E-module options
    • Options for mointor side Modules: Side-stream CO2, Micro-stream CO2, Main-stream CO2, Main-stream CO2, CSM (Cerebral state monitor), AG, ICG, IBP, Temp, SpO2
    • Auxiliary module rack
    • USB compatible mouse and keyboard.
    • 3-channel thermal recorder
    • Rolling stand and wall mount
    • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (max 2 pcs.)
    • External Display
    • Wireless LAN
    • Extensive Memory card
    • Analog Output (ECG or IBP)
    • Touch Screen
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