Onex 202

Operating table


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    Onex 202
    Operating table

    The Onex 202 is an electro-hydraulic operating surgical table that can be adjusted and positioned easily with remote control. The interchangeable top is made of antistatic, radiolucent material with latex-free cushions to provide great comfort for the patient. Engineered with a highly stable hydraulic system, this device can carry up to 279 kg patient weight.


    • Max. table length including head plate & leg plates 2020mm
    • Max. table width (without side rails) 520mm
    • Lowest table level in standard version 680mm
    • Highest table level in standard version 940mm
    • Trendelenburg/Reverse 30°/30°
    • Lateral Tilt (left/right) 20°/20°
    • Head Plate (up/down) 30°/45°
    • Back Plate (up/down) 75°/25°
    • Leg Plate (down/split) 5°/90°/180°
    • Load capacity max. 297kg


    • Realizing all kinds of surgical positioning required clinically, with simple manual control
    • Integrated kidney elevator 0~136 mm height adjustment
    • All positions can be controlled from the remote control
    • Floor locking system activate with a single pedal.
    • Double joint head section
    • 300 mm Longitudinal movement
    • Multiple configurable leg sections
    • Most of the movement assisted with gas spring system


    • Headrest system • Crossbar adaptor • Arm/Hand surgery table • Facial/Occipital head rest • Orthopedic extension device • Wrist support system • X-ray cassette tray • Body restraint strap • Arm restraint strap • Leg restraint strap • L-shaped Anesthesia Screen • L-shaped Anesthesia Screen with 2 wings • Easy arm board • Arm board with ball-joint • Lateral Arm board • Leg support padded • Lateral support padded • Shoulder Support padded • Foot-rest padded • Radial Accessory clamp • Accessory clamp • Infusion Stand • Instrument tray • Drain pan

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