Xenox M80

mobile x-ray system


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    Xenox M80 mobile x-ray system

    Xenox M80 is a mobile x-ray unit designed for radiological examinations at the patient’s bed and in the emergency room.

    Outstanding Features

    • The limited weight of the Xenox M80 unit makes the equipment easy to handle and move
    • The equipment can easily overcome small obstacles, such as the difference in level between the bottom of the elevator and the hallway
    • The “dead man” brake system, instead of the usual foot brake, is a passive safety device that is engaged if the device is accidentally released during downhill transportation
    • Thanks to its limited overall dimensions the operator has good visibility during transportation
    • The operator can easily position the equipment using the appropriate handle
    • Thanks to the particular movement of the supporting arm and of the radiogenic source fork, the operator can easily centre the X-rays
    • The radiogenic source is very easy to use even at floor level
    • The control desk is controlled by a microprocessor with digital display of the radiological parameters it allows for an easy and rapid interpretation and selection of the examination parameters through the LCD screen
    • The control software can be updated using a standard PC with serial port
    • The arm has an articulated joint with four-bar linkage system, balanced independently
    • The function of the arm group is to support the radiogenic source hanging over the operating space and keep it at right angle with the examination surface
    • The arm articulation fulcrum is fitted with a clutch system to keep the extension of the arm in the desired position and to position the machine quickly, in as less manoeuvres as possible to speed up the examination
    • The winning design and the colours have been chosen to limit the emotional impact on the patient taking into account the ergonomic features linked with the practical use of the unit.


    • Protection and automatic control of filament current
    • Protection from over current and over voltage (kv, ma)
    • Protection from maximum load of x-ray tube
    • Operator error or malfunctioning indication
    • Swivelling front wheels in anti-static rubber
    • Dead-man brake system
    • Container for 6 x-ray cassette
    • Variable focus-floor distance 47-204cm
    • Rotation of monoblock supporting fork ±180°
    • Rotation of monoblock in fork 0° / +90°


    • Different generator power from 15 to 30kw
    • Rotating anode with 3000 rpm at 15 to 30KW, available Rotating anode with 10000 rpm in High speed version
    • 1ms min exposure time
    • 6300ms max exposure time
    • 200 to 400 mAs
    • 40 to 125 kV voltage
    • Anode made of RTM
    • 6 to 0.75mm small focus
    • 25to 1.3mm large focus
    • Manual operation
    • 43x43cm Rad field
    • 6 cassettes storage
    • LCD display 20×4 characters
    • Collimator with laser pointer and pediatric filter
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