Xenox RF1000

X-ray system


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    Xenox RF1000
    X-ray system

    Xenox RF1000 is a compact and versatile remote controlled tilting table for radiographic, angiographic and fluoroscopic examinations.


    • A compact and versatile remote controlled tilting table for radiographic, Angioseriographic and fluoroscopic examinations.
    • Xenox RF1000, versatility and easy operation it is suitable for all type of examination without any clinical limitations.
    • The longitudinal travel of the column, allows for a complete X-ray examination without the need to reposition the patient.
    • The tilting movement has the facility to stop in any position, in addition to automatic stop in the horizontal, vertical and Trendelenburg positions.
    • With a vast program for the spot film device, the system allows automatic Tomographies, universal Tomographies in increments from 8° to 40°, and additionally Serioangiographies in any position.
    • While the table is tilted, you can also make oblique projections with 30° incidences.
    • With all examination you can take a rapid sequence of exposures.
    • At the end of the sequence the system will auto eject the film if necessary.
    • The table movement allows you to make examinations on external accessories on both ends.
    • All movements are controlled by a microprocessor control, which incorporates a self-diagnostics program.
    • Each end stop has a double safety action for additional safety.
    • The control console has an ergonomic design with a touch screen panel.
    • The intuitive control panel allows a simple user interface to operational parameters and control commands supported by a large selection of on display graphics.
    • Parameters such as focus film distance, tilting angles, incidence, Tomo layer height with self-increase, execution time, cassette size with its programs, are also shown on the graphic display.



    • Patient weight up to 300 kg
    • Tilting table with progressive starting +90°/ -20°
    • Tilting speed 4 °/sec
    • Lateral movement (max. speed 3 cm/sec) ±11.5 cm
    • Plane-film distance 7.5 cm
    • Film-image-intensifier distance 7.5 cm
    • Movement column (max. speed 13 cm/sec) 140 cm
    • X-ray tube rotation manually ± 90°
    • Focus-film distance (max. speed 3 cm/sec) from 107 cm to 153 cm
    • Tube angulation ±30°
    • Motorized compression 70n / 80n / 90n
    • Step by step angiography
    • Prepared to receive image-intensifier of 9″, 12″, 14″ &16″
    • Tomographic function
    • Linear tomographic plain-plain
    • Tomographic angles 8° – 15° – 30° – 40°
    • 4 selectable tomographic speeds
    • S.F.D. electronic automatic
    • S.F.D. allows rapid series exposures
    • Cassettes from in both directions from 18×24 cm to 35×43 cm
    • Transition time between Fluoro and radiography about 1 sec.
    • Motorized scattered grid
    • On a single film is possible to have Radio and Tomo exposures
    • Collimator predisposition check compatibility with X-ray tube
    • Tube predisposition check compatibility with collimator
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