Neglected markets for German medical technology in Africa

Africa is an often overlooked market for established medical technology manufacturers. SternMed is taking a closer look. In an exclusive interview, Peter Laser, one of sales manager at SternMed, gives an insight into the experiences and strategies of the company on the African continent.

The topics at a glance:

  • Private customers as key players: Fast decisions and tailored solutions thanks to flexibility in the private sector.
  • Partnerships in Africa: Insights into SternMed’s investments, which not only contribute to the business relationship, but also to training and getting to know the technology.
  • Demand-driven medical technology: SternMed focuses on cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of low-income markets.
  • Challenges and opportunities: A look at the competition, the role of development cooperation and strategic partnerships with distributors.

Read the full interview in german language here: