Press article from Peru

SternMed GmbH is pleased to be at the forefront of the fight against the rampant coronavirus, helping to equip intensive care units in hospitals and clinics around the world quickly and easily. It is all the more gratifying when this commitment, which is linked to hard work, finds media attention. This is what happened recently in Peru, where SternMed played a major role in securing the supply of ICU ventilators to the hospital in Loreto.

Source: Andina | Agencia Peruana de Noticas

An excerpt from the “Andina”:

“To improve care for critical patients, EsSalud’s Loreto Healthcare Network has increased the number of beds in the intensive care unit for critical patients with coronavirus who require mechanical ventilation at Hospital III in Iquitos. The network’s director, Dr Percy Rojas Ferreyra, said that four mechanical ventilators had arrived for the hospital’s intensive care unit on the orders of Social Health Insurance President Fiorella Molinelli, increasing the number of beds in this area from six to ten. In addition to these beds, she said, the hospital’s shock room ward has four ventilators for the care of patients who are not in danger of losing their lives.”

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